(Pics + Video) Trina Turning Up In Aurum Lounge Wednesday –

Trina arrived to the Aurum lounge around 1ish, once she was seated all the diamond princess fans rushed her VIP section and started snapping camera phone pictures like they were the paparazzi. Trina and her crew had little time for getting warmed up, they started taking shots from the gate. Trina was in a happy mood throughout the night, she sang along to some of her favorite songs as you can see on the video below.

Mar 13 – Aurum Lounge in Atlanta

Trina-at-Aurum-Lounge-11-of-17.jpg Trina-at-Aurum-Lounge-15-of-17.jpg Trina-at-Aurum-Lounge-17-of-17.jpg Trina-at-Aurum-Lounge-16-of-17.jpg