[EXCLUSIVE] Trina Talks Relationships, KimYe’s Baby and New Music!! –

With her latest mixtape, Back 2 Business, now online, Trina recently spoke with HHW about a number of topics. Check out a few excerpts below.

Trina responds when asked, is it harder maintaining a good relationship being a celebrity:

Of course!! There’s always gonna be sacrifice in any relationship because you have to compromise with your partner to make things work. Me personally I think communication is the key to a healthy relationship, both people must be on the same page in order to get through obstacles. It’s definitely harder being a celeb because your relationship is in the public eye.

Trina on KimYe’s baby, and her response when asked if she’s having children in the near future:

I love Kim she’s amazing. From the day I met her she’s been a genuine and supportive friend to me. She’s gonna be a great mom and I’m extremely happy for her. She wanted to be a mom and God has answered her prayers. I know Kim and Kanye will have an amazing family! I’m so happy for them. She’s happy.. She’s in love and she deserves it. God bless them!… (When the time is right.)


Trina on the impact of reality shows supporting or hindering a musical career.

It depends on your situation. There has been success from reality shows (The Family Hustle), which is one of my faves. It’s family oriented. It’s positive and it shows a different side of T.I. who’s mainly known for his street credibility. On the show I love that he cherishes his wife Tameka and his family.. That’s extremely important!

Trina on what we can expect from her upcoming sixth album.

I’m really excited about recording my 6th album.. It’s different.. It’s mature..  It’s me! I’m very emotional and sensual, that will always be a part of my music. I love making songs women can relate to. I just write music that’s real to me. I AM THE STREETS! I’m SEXY, INDEPENDENT, RAW and REAL!

Trina on who she would like to work with in the industry:

I would love to work with Rihanna, she’s dope as sh–! I absolutely love her. She’s raw and uncensored! She doesn’t really care about people’s opinion she just does her. Love that!

Trina on what it takes for a female rap artist to make it these days:

I mean it’s all about what’s different. What’s exciting now. What will shock people. I won’t say it’s easy because it would be a lot of females in the game on top if it was easy! With females the main issues are budgets and emotions. There are certain things that as women we need. When you’re dealing with a label they see it but they just try to work around it. Most times that don’t work. For a female artist “the look” is really important. You have to spend money to make it work. Advice to a new female artist is PLEASE be focused and determined to give 150% to your career if you truly want it. Learn as much as you can about the business. Hire a great lawyer because you will need it! Don’t believe that anybody is gonna give you anything free because if it’s free then you’ll never know the value of your work. Work for it. Go hard for yourself!

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