USAToday: Trina, Slam Dunk Champ! –

CELEBRITY CHOP-UP: Why American rapper Trina would love to rule at basketball, and more.

It’s not that veteran rapper Trina is completely devoid of athletic skills; quite on the contrary, she displayed plenty of strength and agility as a majorette in her high school marching band back in the day, it’s just that when it comes to basketball, it’s inconceivable to Trina that she’d be able to make her longtime dream come true.

“I want to dunk the ball!” she said. “I just want to know what that’s like. I can’t even reach halfway to the basket!”

When presented with the “NERF goal” compromise, Trina laughed and said, “I may have to try that. That’s a good idea!”

That’s what we’re here for.

I caught up with Trina to chop-it-up about everything from her hops, or lack thereof, to her new music project to why she considers Beyonce to be the greatest entertainer of all time, excluding no one.

Jason Jordan: I know you went to Northwestern Senior in Miami, but did you play sports there?
Trina: I didn’t, but I was a majorette my junior and senior years. I spent all day rehearsing for that and that was tough enough.

JJ: What’s your best high school memory?
T: Ooh probably the prom. It was a beautiful night and I got pampered and everything like that so it was really fun. Actually, that night was the first time I was allowed to take my car for the weekend and just do whatever I wanted to do. It was a really big deal!

JJ: What sport have you always wanted to be good at?
T: Probably kickball. I just like kicking the ball and running to the bases before getting hit. You can’t do that in any other sport. I don’t play now, but I think it’d be fun to play. That and basketball too. Sometimes I wish I could just jump up to the basket and just slam the ball in there! I can’t reach it; I can’t even reach halfway to the basket so that makes it a little frustrating.

JJ: Maybe start with a NERF goal and work your way up?
T: (Laughs) That’s not a bad idea! I may have to try that. That’s a good idea.

JJ: Who’s your favorite pro team?
T: The Miami Heat of course!

JJ: Let’s take this random; what do yellow traffic lights mean to you?
T: Slow down!

JJ: What competition based reality show would you absolutely win?
T: Ooh I don’t know… Those shows are extreme! I don’t know if I’d win. I’d like to try Wipeout. I love the water and I know how to swim, but that’s a lot of water… OK, I’ll go with Wipeout. I’d go hard with that one.

JJ: What’s your favorite app?
T: Instagram.

JJ: What’s the worst gift you’ve ever been given?
T: (Laughs) Ooh one time someone bought me a fake version of a Louis Vuitton bag. It was not a good look at all!

JJ: What fast food restaurants have the best burgers?
T: I’m really not a burger eater, but every now and then when I want one I crave In-N-Out. Those are really good.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?
T: The Best Man Holiday. I’d love to see another one. That was really well put together. It was an amazing movie.

JJ: Maybe you’ll even star in it?
T: (Laughs) Well, I would hope so! That would be amazing!

JJ: Talk or text?
T: Text.

JJ: Are you a text message hoarder or do you clear out your inbox?
T: (Laughs) Oh I am definitely a hoarder! I keep so many messages in my inbox it’s crazy.

JJ: What song makes Trina get up and hit a little two-step?
T: Drunk in Love by Beyonce. That’s my song!

JJ: What is the most random fact that you know?
T: I’m gonna say the random fact that I know is that Beyonce is the greatest entertainer of all time.

JJ: Over Michael Jackson?
T: Yes. Now, I love Michael Jackson and I’m a huge fan. I love and respect his legacy and everything that he’s done for our culture, which is a-ma-zing! I don’t think there will be anybody else that could compare but her. That’s why I give the throne to her for that.

JJ: Let’s hop into the DeLorean time machine (Back to the Future); what time period would you want to visit?
T: The 1990s! Everything was really cool during that time.

JJ: What you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
T: Wow! I think I’d probably want to be invisible. See then I could be right there standing in your face and you wouldn’t even know it.

JJ: Wow, you seem to already have plans for that power?
T: (Laughs) O-K!

JJ: Eggs or cereal?
T: Cereal!

JJ: What sitcom intro song do you know every word to?
T: (Begins to sing) “Said we’re movin’ on up! Movin’ on up/To the eastside!” I didn’t mean to start singing it; I just thought about it! That’s it right there!

JJ: What’s on your perfect pizza?
T: Just cheese!

JJ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
T: Power isn’t given to you; you have to take it.

JJ: Who would you not want to meet in a dark alley?
T: (Laughs) Oh boy! That’s pretty scary… Probably Jason. That would freak me out.

JJ: Talk about what you’re working on musically; what can fans expect?
T: I’m working on my big project, which is almost complete and I’m really excited about it. I released two records last month You and Money Ain’t a Problem. It’s all about staying driven to be successful and one record shows a more vulnerable side talking about how you’ve got to love and respect yourself more. It’s the kind of things that women go through emotionally. They’re fun records and I’ve got creative control to do what I want. We’ve got great energy in the studio and we’re having a lot of fun creating. I just shot the video for Money Ain’t a Problem so I’m looking forward to releasing that as well. It’s a really exciting time with lots of new things coming out.