Trina Tells The Story Behind “F*ck Love” & Opens Up About Her Personal Life –

Out promoting her new single and video “F*ck Love” featuring Tory Lanez, Trina stops by the Sway In The Morning studios to discuss her growth as an artist, the story behind making her new track as well as opening up about her personal life and past relationships.

With Sway telling the story of the first time he interviewed Trina, we hear her open up about her past love life and how she was betrayed. Explaining that “F*ck Love” is not an anti-love song but rather a song about not settling for anyone we hear Sway praise Trina’s ability to be so transparent and real with her audience and fans.

Talking through her writing process we also hear all the emotions that are going to be expressed on Trina’s upcoming 6th studio LP which she hopes to release early next year. Making songs that are relatable to life, Trina talks through all the different types of records she has made in her career. Check out the exclusive interview below.