PICS: Trina Performs @ Ten X –

Trina came To Calgary on March 7th. Trina is one of the first female rappers, and she delivered a good show to her fans. She put lots of effort into her performance. I was surprised!

I Never expected Trina to come to Calgary, It has been so long since I was obsessed with her “here we go” track and shes still got it. I enjoyed her show, she gave tons of personality throughout her performance. Her attitude and style complemented her show.

Trina was engaged with the crowd throughout her whole performance. It was beautiful to watch Trina and her fans singing and dancing together with enthusiasm.

It was easy to see that she must love to perform. Here are some photos of the show that happened Saturday, March 7, 2015.

PS– Her booty was popin her body was looking on point!