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Fan Of The Month

August 2013 – Brandon


Why I Brandon Mack loves Katrina Larverne Taylor because she is a strong, Independent, Phenomenal, Talented, Handles her Business. Words cannot explain why I love this woman. If you ask anyone that knows me they no I love Trina. Even when Trina does not pay attention to what these haters say about her I check they ass anything that’s not being said positive about her I put these MuthaFuckas in there place. Beside my mother when I’m looking for a women I look for similarities that my Mother has and Trina has in a woman I love a woman that knows what she wants out of life. Goal oriented that loves money but keep God First. From what I have experienced Trina is a people person I love that she is humble she building a brand very successful woman works hard not looking for any hand outs The lyrics in her song Make me as a man wants to do better in life get my things together I been rocking with Trina since she hit the scene with trick On ‘NANN NIGGA’ 5 album strong several mix tapes plus I had my ‘Wet Dream’ about Trina Ashanti in another chick lmao. BUT I AM A #ROCKSTARR Words really can’t explain The love it’s just there any shows that’s in Chicago or any that I can make it to I’m there I Fuck with Nisharockstarr phats etc but that pretty much somas it up I LOVE KATRINA L TAYLOR THAT’S MY WIFE AND IF I DON’T GET PICKED IT STILL WOULD CHANGE THE??? LOVE I HAVE FOR TRINA???? I RATHER TELL HER IN PERSON ANYWAY BUT IM GONE

July 2013 – SB Rockstarr

Trina has been my inspiration ever since I was growing up. I remember the exact day i fell in love with her music. It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was watching MTV. One Minute Man video came on, and that was it, I’ve been a fan ever since. I researched her music and followed her career. Her music to me is inspirational. Even though she representing for the ladies, I feel as though she represents everyone thats been through the same situations she been through or has written about. I consider her one of the best females that ever did it in the game. She has accomplished so much in her life it keeps me motivated to do what i have to do to achieve my goals in life. I feel emotionally connected with her, by listening to her music. Sometimes i feel that she be talking to me in her music lol. Her music is like a rainbow after a rainy day, 12 years of that rainbow shining….who wouldn’t love TRINA???
Twitter: @SBrockstarr