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Trina – Find out some interesting facts and other details about Trina.


001. BIOGRAPHY• Read all about Trina’s life, and all about her childhood growing up & her success.

002. DISCOGRAPHY• Here are a list of the albums that Trina has released throughout her career.

003. VIDEOGRAPHY• Here are a list of the videos that Trina has made & appeared in throughout her career.

004. QUICK FACTS• Some qucik facts you should know about Trina.

005. MAGAZINE COVERS• Magazine Covers Trina has covered throughout her career.

006. MIXTAPES• Download all Trina’s Mixtapes she has released..

007. AWARDS & NOMINATIONS• Here are a list of Trina’s Awards & Nominations throughout her career.

008. COLLABORATIONS• Songs Trina has been featured on with other artist.

009. MUSIC CAREER• Facts about Trina’s Music Career and success.

010. A MIAMI TAIL• Trina Stars in Melvin James Film “A Miami Tail”.